What sets Individual Care of Maine apart from other companies is our  commitment to getting our clients outside—safely, comfortably, and as  often as possible, during all seasons. We know that with the correct  clothing, guidance, and companionship, this practice leads to overall  wellbeing. Because of this, we are convinced that getting outside is  nature’s perfect remedy for anxiety, depression, fatigue, lack of  appetite, and other issues associated with the aging process. When  appropriate, the care plans at Individual Care of Maine incorporate  outside exercise with the spectacular surroundings that Maine offers. We  are not looking to climb mountains or win marathons, but sometimes just  a breath of fresh air can change a day for the better. We all need  something to look forward to, to laugh, and to relax. No matter where  you live within the state of Maine, being outside is a gift. Individual  Care of Maine will develop and incorporate an “outside plan” into the  care plan for your loved one. 



Individual Care of Maine provides the best possible in-home care  locally. We provide affordable, personalized, non-medical, in-home care,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we offer an excellent solution:  support, assistance, and companionship for seniors and others who prefer  to maintain their independence by living at home. 


Research increasingly shows that a holistic approach in combination with  doctor-prescribed medication is the best course for treating  Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as other age- related issues. We look  at the treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia in two ways: 1) the Western  need for medication and 2) a person’s organic need for excellent  nutrition and exercise. Combining the two, we create a care plan that is  best for your family member.